Installing the SQream ODBC Driver (Windows)

This document describes how to install the SQream ODBC driver (for 64 bit Windows).

For access to our Unix-based ODBC for CentOS 7/Ubuntu, please contact us via a support ticket.

Pre-installation steps:

  1. Before installing the ODBC driver, please install the Visual Studio redistributable packages for VS2010, VS2012 and VS2013: 
  2. After installing the Visual Studio Redistributables - download the SQream driver package from the link below
    This will download the latest version.
    If you know your instance is running a different version, please contact support for the correct link.

Installing via the installation wizard

  1. Run the installer and follow the steps in the Wizard as you see below:
  2. The User Account Control window may open up. Click Yes to continue the installation.

  3. Follow the installation instructions

    Choose the components you wish to install. If you have a previous version installed, keep Remove old ODBC ODBC Driver Registry Keys selected.

    To install only the ODBC drivers, select only the top 3 components:

  4. Once the installer finishes, enter the ODBC Data Sources window in order to properly set up your connection:
    Open up the Windows menu by clicking the Windows button on your keyboard, and type ODBC. Then, pick ODBC Data Sources matching your system (usually 64-bit)

  5. Locate the correct DSN. The installer automatically added a DSN called "sqream64"

  6. Click Configure and enter the correct server details in the DSN editing screen, as given to you.
    SQream DB ODBC DSN configuration
    DSN: The DSN name, select something that you'll easily identify
    Server: The IP or hostname of the SQream DB server
    Port: The port of the SQream DB server. Typically 5000+ for a SQream DB server, or 3108 for the load balancer
    Database: The database name. The database name must exist beforehand. If this is your first connection, select "master", which is the default SQream DB database name.
    Username: Your SQream DB role
    Password: Your SQream DB role password
    Clustered: Select if you are connecting to the load balancer (port 3108), or leave blank if connecting directly to a SQream DB instance (port 5000+)
    SSL: Select if you are connecting to an SSL-encrypted port
  7. Save the connection settings by clicking Done and then OK. You can now test the ODBC installation with any tool that supports ODBC.
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  • 22-Jul-2018