Location of logs in the SQream system

The SQream system generates various log files:

clientLogger_exceptions.log - Logs when a statement was stopped.
clientLogger_execution.log - Node info (execution plan) for long statements, meaning if the statement ran longer than a configurable number of seconds (json config)
clientLogger_statement.log - The log file keeps track of statements being run in the server, including success/failure, number of rows returned from the query and number of rows processed by the query. For failures, the detailed error message is logged as well.
clientLogger_server.log - Keeps track of server start/stop times and server configuration when system starts.
clientLogger_session.log - Keeps track of all sessions.
clientLogger_login.log - Tracks user login times and IP addresses.

The above described log files are part of the shared SQream storage.  

$ /home/user1/cluster/client_log

Hint: You can view the the logs with head or tail command.

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  • 01-Apr-2018